Need A QR Code To Complete The Activation Of Your New T-Mobile Cell Phone?

You’ve got your new phone, you’re trying to activate it and it prompts you for a QR code. You dig through the box of papers and nodda. Don’t worry T-Mobile has you covered. … but before you scan the QR code make sure you have activated your eSIM (you can do this by logging into your account online or by calling tech support), you’re connected to WiFi, and updated your device software. Granted the QR code below is from the support pages at T-Mobile, and you should be able to scan it directly from this page, it would still be a good idea to go to the “link here” to ensure you have the latest and greatest QR code.

The T-Mobile support page gives a good run down on what an eSIM is and why the technology is “great”. While they could have expanded on this explanation, they do a good job at keeping the eSIM activation process simple. Both Android and Apple devices have instructions for eSIM troubleshooting (and there is always tech support).

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