How To Navigate To A File In Ubuntu Using Terminal

Ugh … now where did that file go. I can see it in the folder, but how do I get to it using a terminal window?

Fast and easy. Right click on the file of interest and select “Properties” in the popup window (in this case it is the “configure” file in the sub-directory path of “/home/spector/Downloads/Python-3.8.0”).

You will see the path listed for the “Parent Folder:”

  • Double left click to highlight the path (in this example /home/spector/Downloads/Python-3.8.0),
  • then right click on the highlighted area and select “Copy” (or as an alternative method use the keystrokes “Ctrl c”)

Go to the terminal window, right click in the window and select paste (or as an alternative method use the keystrokes “Ctrl v”).

To confirm you are in the directory you wanting to navigate to type “ls” at the prompt to see a directory listing (analogous to the dos command “dir”).

While the directory structure here is simple, this will alleviate the time typing and errors of spelling of directory names when navigating to a specific folder location. From here you can work on any of the files found in the specified directory. A similar method will work in Microsoft Windows as well.

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