So it begins.

The chaos of life and series of entangled events and adventures (both fortunate and unfortunate) has led me to this moment in time. Becoming disenchanted with Facebook I contemplated a blog some time ago but simply didn’t act on the impulse, so here I am now. While this blog has many purposes, it’s prime purpose are to be documentary, (hopefully) enlightening in both an informative and educational sense (more often what “not” to do), entertaining … and serve as a memorium until atleast either the domain name or hosting expire (or a solar flare/CME, GRB or EMP sets us back into the stone-age). If nothing else I hope to reflect upon this in the future … and ask the question “what in the heck was I thinking?”

[As a led in to my first blog post, and so everyone knows, almost all websites get cached and are never really lost.]

So it begins with a short paragraph of intent. So stick around and see if I am able to apply the scientific method to life and draw a conclusion to the many observations and questions I encounter.