How To Entertain The Masses Without Boring Them To Death

… or Integrating Social Media with Blogging

Networking and connecting with people all entails a social element. For those of us with introverted personalities this becomes paramount as we attempt to communicate in a way that we get not just heard but understood as well. An introverted person has various means of coping when it comes to interacting with others, blogging as a means to communicate who they are or an idea they want to share is a viable solution.

There are many avenues you can use to reachout in social media. Facebook and Twitter are the top forms of interaction connecting people both individually and as businesses. Despite reports of people becoming bored of Facebook, it is still the principle means of connecting people. The challenge of being heard in such a social setting in generating interesting content worth following.

Understanding why social media users get bored is probably best understood first so that you don’t go down that path. Observations from news outlets suggest once posts turn from photos of friends, family and items of personal interest to the reposting of dramatic headlines users simply loose interest. The problem is further acerbated with the many users moving to a more private mode of social media use to avoid public scrutiny. Posts have also taken more of a commercialized tone with businesses promoting their goods and services. Doing these things in excess, (the contraversial news articles, ads, etc) has led to the unfriending and unfollowing of said preceived users. A disconnecting from general obsessive compulsive behavior of boring content or content we become desensitized to. It is suggested such desensitization is leading to a decline in compassion. Poor, inappropiate content, socially questionable and obnoxious content is also costing people their social status and affecting their means of employment and employ-ability.

How Social Media Is Ruining Careers from

Despite the the ramification of the aforementioned, social media also has the means of promoting wholesome, interesting and useful content, and can be used for marketing goods, services and … yes, even yourself. Knowing the benefits and disadvantages of using social media has been the subject of not only social media job promoters, like LinkedIn, but of universities as well.

Using this information and online courses like those on LinkedIn on the subject is key to knowing how to proceed so as to create an interesting and marketable brand – even of yourself, after all no one wants to be boring. Once you understand these aspects we find ourselves walking on pins and cushions, cautious about what we say. Review the article on regarding “The 7 Social Media Mistakes Most Likely to Cost You a Job” and the accompanying video that points to the benefits of using social media

A rule of thumb would be to not say anything you wouldn’t say to either your mom, boss, HR manager or your pastor. … but this isn’t enough, we need to keep things interesting. Blogger Scott Ayres addresses this in his blog “7 No-brainer Tips to Write an Awesome Facebook Post“. His suggestions for garnering attention and engagement are to:

  • Ask a question
  • Keep it short
  • Give a clear Call-To-Action
  • Offer some valuable information
  • Give them a link
  • Be Positive
  • Post an Image

So …

What do you think? I hope this was short enough to give you some ideas and valuable information from the embedded links above. Learn to network. Take some action, only post relevant, interesting content moving forward – you might mend a friendship or land a new job!

9 Ways to Future Proof Your Career

  • Take time to grow (continously seek out new learning oppurtunities)
  • Get and stay tech-savvy
  • Develop skills you can take anywhere
  • Think globally
  • Start a success journal
  • Build your professional network
  • Scan the environment keeping up with trends and pitfalls
  • Keep a clean and open career path
  • Be resilient.

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