Discovery and the Scientific Method

It’s true, there are many deductive discoveries of a scientific nature which occurred purely accidentally and/or have happened without intent. Discoveries without intent often lack in reason of function because there was no underlying understanding of cause and effect. We can combine a blue solution with a yellow solution and get a resultant green solution. Yet without understanding the nature of light, the chemistry of color or the bending of molecules – the green color is simply a discovery without an underlying reason. When searching for knowledge using a scientific process we gain systematic insight for our reasoning and understanding. The “what” and “how” become more apparent and a product of reason. The underlying reason itself can be observed, questioned, researched, hypothesized, postulated with systematic intent. The procedure itself enlightens us with clarification and justification, and provides others with the pathway to our conclusions and a means to mutually build upon our new understanding.

The experimental scientific method.

We are all scientist in one way or another. No one can deny that discovery itself is a very self gratifying thing. In having a method we have a starting point. The eventual rewards of which may only be gratification in the form of appreciation from others that our logic is follow-able and understood. No money, social/political power or notoriety required, only the perseverance to be relentless in using the cyclical process known as the scientific method.

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