Wheels up in 115 days

Logging wheels up in the mission log book for missions for understanding the sequence of events as record keeping goes. It’s Saturday January 25th, in 115 days the distance of separation would begin to shrink. While 115 days seems like an eternity, there is also a realization that it will pass quickly given all the forward looking preparation that I wanted to accomplish. Not knowing a final destination or the specifics of how things were going to unfold a lot of opportunity was being left for the direction and grace of God. This isn’t to say there isn’t some thought. In looking ahead we have to consider what is best for the boys and our new life. The idea is to come up with a three year plan. Kingston and Duncan having six years between them would be key to giving them some consistency and continuity in their lives and in the world they would grow up in. We need to understand our options, opportunity and have a plan.

We’ve only spoke of this in passing and how important their lives are to be to me. Having experienced repeated rejection from men that would led her to believe there was substance, only to be disappointed hardened her resolve, and made her question anyone expressing interest in her life. For me I was happy to learn of her skepticism. There was a value of family, of obligation as a mother that needed to be not just respected, but equally valued. In my mind one of the greatest ways to express my love for her was to also love our children. The immediate challenge we are confronted with is “where” we are going to initially establish our love. Our options are to either remain in Jakarta, re-locate to some place like Bali, return to the States or go some place with a rural setting (or at-least less of a city than Jakarta) where the boys can learn to play outside and grow in a more hospitable environment. Each of these have their pros and cons. How we are to decide will lie in over coming the challenges of each. A huge consideration is Kingston’s promotion into middle school/junior high.

If we are to remain in Jakarta we have two options, move into an existing flat she has (the rental income from which has paid for the boys’ private schooling), rent or find a place convenient to work and school. This might be an interesting proposition, a chance to renovate the flat – add value to it as an option for her to have later either to sell or relocate to for whatever life throws our way. The biggest con we remaining in Jakarta and not really improving upon the experiences we could have as a family away from the city … or at least this city.

Bali. She has an eye for Bali. There is something there that excites her and draws her to explore. Granted she has expressed interest in other places too, as she has experienced – New Zealand being one of those. These external places all have merit. Bali would be good as the boys are already learning Bahasa – which is a part of their heritage, despite them being reluctant. With her talent she should be able to land a job teaching at the next opening, and my thought would be to find a TESL job; while the two of us work towards some other activities that might yield additional income.

Whether it is Bali, New Zealand, Ecuador or some other place we would still have the challenges associated with the move … and with finding jobs – unless remote work unfolds or the success of the eCommerce sites start to generate enough to provide for us. The question we need to answer is where can we move, live reasonably, provide for the boys and meet our needs.

More on this is sure to come. Wheels up in less than 115 days.