True love doesn’t happen everyday.

Anyone with a pulse – that has had heart felt feelings – can attest to the rarity of true love. Most have experienced the scorn and sting of love that was less than true. While greatly desired, few have experienced it in a relationship beyond the unconditional love of a mom or dad. Many people being so guarded they shield themselves even from the possibility of such an idea. They additionally will forsake the chance of such for it commands a vulnerability that many are fearful of revealing. Such a vulnerability presents the situation where an individual can be emotionally crushed beyond belief at any moment in time and additionally compromise a person into being manipulated.

The world of science has an unexplained phenomena called entanglement (Einstein, Feynman and Oppenheimer debated the idea referred to at the time as “spooky action at a distance”). When two particles, specifically electrons, are “entangled” to manipulate one causes a reaction in it’s pair. The interesting thing is that this action-reaction sequence is not bounded by time or space. It happens instantaneously, over great distances – suggesting communication faster than the speed of light (considered an impossible event). I would suggest a similar phenomena between couples, but only under unique conditions.

The uniqueness of a true love is the discovery of two hearts being entangled, something that leads to an undeniable destiny and an eventual passion for each other solely for the well being and commitment to the ideas of love on behalf and for the other person. An act of giving and serving on behalf of each other without obligation and eagerly doing so, willingly of ones own desire. “As you wish” builds on this commitment of true love, adding a need to discover the other person’s needs and eager to please them. Couples who experience true love simply know (without need of explanation) they have met the love of their life. This may or may not be a love at first sight as only one of them need to be self aware.

“As you wish” is much more than a statement of someone’s  desire to serve another. It’s much more encompassing than that. It’s a statement of honor, of cherishing, of commitment — of saying, “I’m yours, and everything I have is yours. I am totally attentive to you.” It’s not as I wish, but as you wish. That means I have to find out what that is. It means there is someone in my life who is more important than me.

John Fischer’s wife: the Catch, Grace Turned Outward

“… as you wish” also has an intention about it, it calls to the other persons’ sense of understanding and eventual reciprocation of the same qualities of honor, precious/coveted adornment and commitment. For when it is reciprocal the idea and substance of true love is possible. No doubt true love exists, nurtured it is undeniable and unbounded in time. It is more precious than anything or anyone else. It will transcend this life into the next.

An inevitable truth of true love is you can’t run from it and you can’t ignore it.

EINTKILF The Princess Bride

Books make the best presents.

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Even “kissing books.” Little Fred Savage (whose name is apparently just “The Grandson” in this movie,) has an aversion to books because he is an ’80s kid, which means he only knows how to play video games. Apparently.

As the story begins, Little Fred’s grandfather comes over to read a book to The Grandson (who is home sick from school). And though The Grandson at first complains about this whole book thing, he eventually gets really into it. As we all do.

There are many different ways to say I love you.Westley and Buttercup are very in love back in the “farm boy” days, and when she bosses him around he always responds with, “as you wish” when he really means “I love you.” Later when she finds out he’s still alive, the only way she knows it’s truly Westley, the love of her life, is because he says “as you wish” as he rolls down a hill as a result of her pushing him.

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I totally understand his penchant for saying “as you wish.” In fact, I often catch myself saying things that mean “I love you” instead of saying those three little words. Why? You ask. Well, because vulnerability and stuff. I generally say, “you’re alright” when “I love you” eludes me. So, say whatever you want to protect yourself, even “as you wish.” Just know, most of the time, people know what you really mean.

True love doesn’t happen every day.

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Before Westley dies and comes back (or dies and isn’t really dead), he and Buttercup discuss how they are in “true love” — and true love doesn’t happen every day. They clearly share a special connection. The other thing about true love? You can’t run from it and you can’t ignore it.

Life is pain.

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Don’t buy what those who say differently are selling. Life is pain, love is pain, nothing is perfect. But everything is beautiful.

Even death can’t get in the way of real love.  
Death ain’t got nothing on love. If you really, truly love someone, they are always with you — and in certain movies, they may even come back to you.