About me – the personal side.

Notice the following isn’t written in third person. I often reflect but find it hard to write about myself, and while having had this “vanity” domain name for some time, I have only just recently started a website around it. The site is largely intended to “re-brand” myself per recommendations of LinkedIn as I transition between careers. This “personal side” page is meant as an introspective introduction of who I am and what I am searching for in a relationship. So here goes, I hope I don’t botch this:

Who I am

I grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina. Henderson county (district for overseas readers) was largely agricultural (primarily apples, but lots of other fruits and vegetables as well) and catered to tourist and retirees looking to escape the heat of summer. Today it is largely tourist and over-run with people who have moved here from all over the country seeking a simpler life. Unfortunately they have brought their social condition(s) with them. While not knowing it as my childhood was very happy, we were the poor of Appalachia. It is with this I attribute my resilience, love of the outdoors and sense of curiosity. Poverty as such is merely a relative situation to those around you. Someone living in the woods without power could be seen as poor, or rather self sufficient depending upon one’s view or opinion.

A view of the western North Carolina mountains.

Today I still seek that child-like curiosity as I search for that next adventure in life. A love of life, family, extended family and friends has been important to me, my closest friends more loving and caring than family by birth – we are family by choice. Supporting each other and celebrating life together. I like to think I don’t know a stranger, rather a friend I haven’t met yet. With this in mind I find myself in search of someone to share life with intimately.

This “soulmate” if you will, has to be someone who can be equally tolerant and have patience. I prefer someone who is equally obsessive over the ones they love and we can share in those relationships – while make each other the priority. There is something to be said when two people can find a comfort in each other during those “awkward” silent moments people find themselves in. Age is not as important as their youthfulness. Immaturity and silliness as moments between us I would see as desirable as much as maturity. The principle characteristics I search for is loyalty, commitment and someone who is affectionate – and expresses these qualities openly with confidence, knowing my intended will receive the same. I further will not hide the fact that I desire a physical exchange of comfort and emotion. This later expression I see as being necessary for the body, mind and soul, securing the bond between like-minded individuals.

Where I hope to go with life

My current direction is to establish small cabins at places I’d like to find myself from time to time with an occupation that can travel with me. My current intention to complete one in rural western North Carolina. This particular spot will be the primary home and serve as a “family” spot. I envision two more “cabins” or escape locations, with one in the upper peninsula of northern Florida and one in either the mountains or coast of Ecuador, but am open to suggestion. Upper Florida because it is only ~6 hours away, there’s good fishing and hunting … and it’s convenient to day trips to the beach while being north enough to avoid significant hurricane effects. Ecuador is a spot of interest as the cost of living is very reasonable, the US dollar is their currency, there are Americans already residing there and contributing to their economy and social views. Ecuador is also a beautiful country with a warm weather pattern year round – not being too hot or too cold is an overlooked asset as I like to be outside more than inside. Life is to be simple moving forward. The only complication I want is in deciding what “not” to eat (I love food!), and where and when to show my affection to the one I love.

I’m not afraid to get dirty.

What you need to do

If you think there is interest in me and want more information drop me a line. I will respond in kind to inquires left in the contact form. Do know there are things I am not:

  • I am not a sugar daddy (this isn’t to say I won’t buy you gifts or take you shopping and buy you pretty dresses – I like to treat those I love).
  • I am not wealthy (money is merely a tool, I have no need to accumulate or store it).
  • I am not your ticket or means of relocating into the United States (but if you are with me, I would help you get your citizenship – there is no greater citizen than the immigrant, they have a greater appreciation for our country than those born here).
  • I am not a feeble person (I do not sit around, I am very active – this isn’t to say I don’t enjoy lazy days, especially holding the one I love).

If you are not sincere, don’t waste your time or mine. If you are phishing, eh, better luck next time – I will qualify whoever you are and require a measure of intent and commitment. Let’s chat over KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat (I desperately need someone to approve me in China), Skype or plan ole email (nightskyops@gmail.com) – a face and a voice go along way for credibility. While communication may be a struggle at first, this difference in language can be an asset as we’ll have to have patience and seek understanding up front. Cultural, geo-political and environmental differences can be leveraged as assets as we find mutual priorities and complement each other. I look for and anticipate continual growth and passion with my intended – I am a life-learner, I’d like to learn more about you.

If there were a thought I’d like to leave you with, it’s that I don’t care where you are from as long as you are sincere and have a desire for something more out of life and/or a relationship. While I strive (and struggle) to be Christian, I assure you, your religion (or avoidance of such) will be respected – philosophy should be introspective and personal, sharing that with understanding and appreciation is what makes a relationship. I don’t care how wealthy you are or how affluent your family is as long as you are real and realistic – you are to be the focus of my life and I want that in return. I’d rather have someone that knows what hard work is than someone that has influence as a means of surviving this life. I don’t necessarily need someone who has a rich education as much as a curiosity and interest in something (anything) … having a passion, be it religious, social or intellectual is important to a person’s being – sharing in that is a richness. Having an interest in self sufficiency or gardening … enjoying a glass of wine after dinner … reading … watching a movie … teaching me your language … all things I hope we share in common.

I’ve used “I” throughout this, what I really want to say is “we” and “our”, making “you” the ultimate love and focus of “my” life freely and of our own accord. Having personal and individual responsibility for each other. Reassuring, comforting, sacrificing and struggling with and for each other.

If this sounds like you … and we equally have an eye for each other, know there isn’t anywhere I wouldn’t go to find a true love.